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Texas Point System

The State of Texas began keeping track of points for all convictions after September 1, 2003.

SEC. 708.052.ASSIGNMENT OF POINTS FOR CERTAIN CONVICTIONS. (a) The driver's license of a person accumulates a point under this subchapter as of the date the department records a conviction of the person under Section 521.042 or other applicable law. (b) For each conviction arising out of a separate transaction, the department shall assign points to a person's license as follows:

(1) two points for a moving violation of the traffic law of this state or another state that is not described by Subdivision

(2); and three points for a moving violation of the traffic law of this state, another state, or a political subdivision of this or another state that resulted in an accident.

Each year, the department shall assess a surcharge on the license of a person who has accumulated six or more points under this subchapter during the preceding 36-month period.

SEC. 708.054. SURGHARGE. The amount of a surcharge under this chapter is $100 for the first six points and $25 for each additional point. And the surcharge is paid each year for three years!!! And if you dont pay the surcharge, the Department of Public Safety will automatically suspend your drivers license. Also Note: If you receive a single conviction of Driving While License Suspended or No Financial Responsibility (i.e. No Auto Liability Insurance), points do not matter; you owe a surcharge of $250 per year for three years. Driving with No Valid Operators License (No TDL) will also result in a surcharge of $100 per year for three years.