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Have a CDL Driver's License,
and Need Help With a Traffic Ticket?

   As most CDL driver's know, traffic laws have changed dramatically in the last several years, making resolving CDL traffic citations much more difficult than they used to be. The trial court can no longer agree to a plea bargain that includes either the driver's safety course, or deferred adjudication probation. Due to this dramatic difference the law creates between holder's of a standard driver's licence, and a CDL driver's license, ticket attorneys must handle thise matters differently. In some cases, an appeal to a higher court may be taken, in others, we may just have to try the case. We stand ready to discuss these options with you, and help you decide which is right for your situation.

   Unfortunately, all the options available will be more expensive than the $150.00 we usually charge for traffic violations. And while we can't say, without talking with you, what the fee will be, in most cases the fee will not be less than about $1,000.00.

   Our office has been helping CDL drivers reach favorable conclusions with their traffic tickets for over 15 years, and we would be honored to help you with your CDL traffic ticket.

   So call us today at (210) 650.9074 for a free, no obligation, consultation with a Texas Traffic Ticket Counselor, or fill out a simple form to the left and send it by email.